Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There's So Much Going On...

that I don't even know where to begin, so I think I'm going to divide it up into two posts: Upcoming Events and New Stuff in the Store. Over the past couple of weeks, we've gotten a ton of new things in stock. Two of the areas that the store is weak in is our comic selection and our handmade gift-y stuff, so a lot of the new stuff reflects our attempts to build up both these areas.

On the comic front, we just got in a ton of stuff from Mark Todd and Esther Watson. Best known for her comic strip Unlovable, which appears on the back page of every issue of Bust magazine, we got in a bunch of goodies from Esther. Included are the first three, count 'em three, issues of Unlovable and fat packs which include a fat mini of Unlovable, stickers, and more.

And from Mark, we got some really cool stuff that defies categorization. First up is Flip-tard, this really crazy flip book created by Mark and Bwana Spoons of Grass Hut Corp. that allows you to create a bunch of mixed up monsters. Words can not descibe this thing; you really have to see it to believe it. Garbage is another truly unique piece of work. Basically, this is what's in Esther and Mark's garbage can. It's a bunch of stuff that they've collected, cut, and stapled into a zine. Each one's an original and also contains assorted Mark/Esther ephemera like a 1" button. The Pain Tree (and other teenage angst-ridden poetry) is exactly what it sounds like, a collection of 12 different poems, illustrated by Mark, who's also a contributor.

All the from New Zealand, Nut and Bee has sent us a bunch of some of the cutest stuff you'll ever see: sticker sacks featuring "The Moods of Egg," "Elvis of the Wild," and "Gnome Town" and bookplates in two designs: "The Sweater Set" and "Hedgehog, Day and Night." We've also gotten in a ton of fun stuff from FluffyCo., including handscreened vinyl eyeglass sleeves, bag tags, wrist cuffs, and ipod cases. Check it out!


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