Sunday, June 25, 2006

More New Stock!

We just got tons of new fun stuff in...Are you starting to sense a trend?? And my top 3 personal picks are:

Found #2: More of the Best Lost, Tossed, and Forgotten Items from Around the World

You've seen the magazine, you've seen the dirty magazine, you may have even seen the first book, but now Davy Rothbart is back with another book of incredibly hilarious finds from folks all over the world! My personal faves are the announcer's script from a strip club, a sign selling a pen cap for 35 cents, a note found in a hotel room bed reading "If this is still here, they didn't make the bed after I slept in it," and multiple fan letters to Adam Sandler (what's up with that??)

Grrrl: A Novel by Jennifer Whiteford

Reminiscent of Michelle Embree's Manstealing for Fat Girls and Joe Meno's Hairstyles of the Damned, Grrrl is a tale of coming of age complete with evil classmates, a love of music, sexual confusion, and all the other elements that help make up the teenage angst that we all know and love to read about.

Tattooed Memoirs #4 by Sage Adderley

I've always loved Sage's zine Tattooed Memoirs since the first time I read it. Sage is a heavily tattooed woman, a stay-at-home, and a participant in all that is cool and creative. She runs Sweet Candy Zine Distro, puts out multiple zines, and just started an alternative arts center and zine library in Philly. In this issue of her zine, she focuses a lot on her gardening exploits and her two daughters. Be warned, the pics of them are too cute for words!


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