Saturday, December 30, 2006

DiSConceRT: An Evening of Sound and Performance Art

On Saturday, January 13, at 7 pm four New England performance artists, Crank Sturgeon, Id m theft ible, and Qfwfq duo, will descend on Feed Your Head in Salem, MA, to present their latest works. It will be an evening of vastly diverse aesthetics, comprising electronic and acoustic sounds, voice, action, real-time digital image processing, movement, and, last but not least, humor. No labels here—just a great variety of artistic expression, serving as a tribute to originality and personal creativity. Not to be missed . . .

Crank Sturgeon (Maine)
A spectator from a show in Columbus, OH, put it best:
“Speaking of stage presence, Crank Sturgeon had so much that it seemed to ooze from the guy’s pores. . . . Crank’s set wasn’t just some pseudo intellectual performance art piece. It was an amazingly charismatic, high energy harsh noise set that really made me envious. Even though he stood basically in the same place, he was a constantly moving mad man, his body contorting in odd angles, perfectly in sync with the glorious noise that came from the speakers as he assaulted a pickup with various kitchen utensils. During the set I actually thought that he had a contact mic on his body somewhere, the man was so in tune with the waves of distortion he was generating. There was a lot of humor here, yet a very strong intensity as well. . . . Not one flaw I can pick at.”

Id m theft ible (Maine)
Id m theft ible’s work is driven by the purest of unconscious forces which crystallize in pieces filled with astonishingly mature sound and performatic content. The wealth of his work resides in the scarce means of expression he uses: water, air, his voice, an old mic, a branch of a Maine pine tree, or even a rotting couch. Unbelievable subtle rhythms and noises converge in performances of impeccable honesty—and tons of humor to boot!

Qfwfq duo (Salem, MA)
Even though Qfwfq duo’s performances are submerged in technology, they make a point of rescuing from among the imbroglio of cables, interfaces, and sensors what remains of their humanity. In their performance, movement, light, and voices generate a powerful amalgam of images and sound. Their point of departure will be “DeSConcieRTo,” a poem in SpaNoisGlish—a new language born of the winters of Salem, MA.

Please join us for this unique experience on Saturday, January 13 at 7 pm at Feed Your Head Books. A $5 donation is requested. For more information, please contact or call 978-744-4009.


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