Friday, March 16, 2007

March Literary Events at FYH!

An Evening of Romance with Steve Almond
Saturday, March 24, 7 pm

Although best known for his love of all things candy, his resignation from Boston College in light of Condoleeza Rice's 2006 commencement appearance, and his quirky short story collections, author Steve Almond is also a closet writer of erotica. So, if you're looking for something hot and steamy to warm up those cold winter nights, we've got the event for you! Pull up a chair, pour a glass of champagne, and listen to Almond share all his fantasies.

The Price of Fire Reading and Signing, Benjamin Dangl
Sunday, March 25, 7 pm

New social movements have emerged in Bolivia over the "price of fire"-­access to basic elements of survival like water, gas, land, coca, employment, and other resources. In his new book, The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia, Benjamin Dangl, an independent journalist dedicated to covering activism and politics in Latin America, offers a gripping account of these clashes in Bolivia between corporate and people's power, chronicling indigenous resistance and struggle.


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